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About Brew Trek Houston

Learn a little more about the company and the people behind this concept!

Brew Trek Houston is the beer tour company that offers entertaining Saturday brewery tours to Houston's best breweries and bars.

Every tour includes:

  • 8 or more different craft beers,
  • beer tastings,
  • entrance fees to all the breweries, and
  • round-trip transportation.

As a fourth stop we include a sample at a local business. The on-the-bus entertainment is FREE! Some breweries offer behind the scenes tours.

With visits to 8th Wonder Brewery, 11 Below Brewing, Karbach Brewing Co., Spindletap Brewery, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Town in City Brewing Co. and a surprise local bar selling craft brews, choose from our pre-selected Houston brewery tours or craft your own with a private party.

Add a pretzelace during checkout for the full craft brew celebration experience. We drive while you drink and include discounts as your party grows.

So whether you're a light beer novice or a home brewing beer nerd, our tour will not disappoint. We are the perfect way to explore Houston's growing beer-story, culture and of course, beer. 

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Mark O'Brien - Brew Trek Houston


"Mark is a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-stepping Cleveland native (Ohio!). Growing up on the mean streets of Irish Catholic University Heights, he learned to wahoo beers at an early age from his father's stash. His earliest aspirations were to move to Milwaukee and become a Shotz beer truck driver (a la Laverne and Shirley) once he found out about the take home a free case a week incentive plan. Secretly, he held deeper desires to become Carmine Ragusa and followed his dreams to Detroit where he dabbled in acting, singing and sandwich-making. After a stint on the west coast milking his acting and singing talents, he came to his senses and moved to Texas. Alas, another Houstonian was born.

After his twenty year career in sales and arts marketing, Mark utilizes his God given talents to entertain drunk people every Saturday. He is the brawn of the Brew Trek operation. Seriously, he really does all of the work.

Most Humiliating Experience: Mark would do anything to make a buck. But, cleaning parking lots in February of 1984 in the dead of a Michigan winter from 11 PM to 5 AM with a broom, shovel and a shopping cart was not the best of choices. That lasted 4 days.

Favorite lawn mowing beers: 8th Wonder Brewery Hopston Texas IPA, Saint Arnold Summer Pils, Karbach Sympathy for the Lager, Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale."

Caricature attribution: Mark by Caricature Booth.

Catherine Thorne - Brew Trek Houston


"Catherine's first beer was a warm Schlitz found in her grandfather's Texas barn. This experience led her to find a better beer with less cat pee undertones. In college at Texas A&M, she discovered the five types of beer: Free, the Beast, Bud, Bock and Light--and grew to love them all. Coming from a tee-totaling family of school teachers, she knew she'd have to home school herself on the finer points of small batch brew. And then in 1994, she had her first Sam Adams Boston Lager. And the rest, as they say, is beer-story.

After a twenty year career in the food, beverage and hospitality industry, Catherine is the brains behind the Brew Trek Houston operation. This distinction is purely self-serving and practically inaccurate.

Most Humiliating Experience: Being fired from an amusement park which featured a swimming pig. For insubordination.

Favorite lawn mowing beers: Southern Star Bombshell Blonde, Karbach Love Street and St. Arnold Summer Pils ."

Image attribution: Catherine by Caricature Booth.

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