Buy 1: get $40 off 2nd ticket (CODE:ONETWO), Buy 2: get $85 off 3rd ticket (CODE:TWOTHREE), Buy 3: get 4th FREE (CODE:THREEFOUR)
May NOT be used/combined with any other discounted promotion (i.e. Groupons), gift card, promo code, or voucher.

1. Be on time. Our bus leaves promptly as the designated start time. Have a plan in place for a designated driver or a local taxi service, like Uber. We will call you a cab if we think you have over-consumed.

2. The cost of the tour includes all beer, a swag bag, souvenir glasses, water and a small bag of chips. Bring cash if you want to purchase more merchandise. We sell a pretty cool pretzel necklace that will last throughout the day. Consider purchasing this while you book the tour. Just saying.

3. Eat a hearty breakfast. Pace yourself. There are usually about 10 beer samples throughout the day. If you drink too much beer at the first brewery, you may not be in condition to enjoy the beers at the third and fourth stops. There’s one in every bunch, you know who you are…

4. We can’t say this enough--you don’t have to drink all the beers. Consume responsibly. As tempting as it might be to drink every drop of sweet nectar you are served, it’s okay to just taste and move to the next one.

5. Some guests want to bring extra drinks for the bus. This isn’t really necessary and out of respect for the breweries and the general integrity of the bus for future use, we’d prefer you stick to the locations we stop on the tour. Please, no beer pong on the bus. We suck at that game.

6. We stop at each brewery for about 40 minutes. Pay attention to the time and don’t stray too far from the tour group. We’ll synchronize watches on the bus so you know what time the bus leaves. If you are the responsible one in your group, keep a tight leash on the others. You know who they are.

7. Wear closed-toe shoes with good soles. There can be spilled beer at the breweries and some breweries require these shoes to take a tour. Getting on and off the bus can have its own set of challenges as the day progresses. Be smart and safe and “don’t be that guy”.

8. Our tour guides are paid a good wage, however, tips for the tour guides are always appreciated if they do a great job! We do include gratuity for the bus driver, breweries and the bars in the ticket price.

9. All sales are final. We do not refund guests that miss the bus. And, we aren’t responsible for getting you home if you are left at a brewery because you were hitting on that cute thang in the tap room. Get the digits and get back on the bus, please!

10.Have fun. Drink responsibly. Respect the beer. Thanks for hanging with the Brew Trek Houston team. We hope you come back!