The Awe-inspiring Table Tennis Excursion

Every once in a while I like to feature the advancement of an individual from The Master Table Tennis Foundation. The present post is about Harrie Austin-Jones, a 26-year-old person from Maidstone, Britain who has been playing table tennis for very nearly nine months. Helpfully, Harrie lives only 20 miles from me. In this way, for the recent months, I’ve had the option to work with him a piece balanced.

Harrie is writing for a blog about his table tennis at and I’m certain that many table tennis beginners will appreciate following his advancement and finding out about the ups and downs of learning one of the world’s most difficult games.

In this article, I’ll utilize statements from Harrie’s blog to sum up his process up to this point and afterward adding my very own portion contemplations toward the end.


During the Rio 2016 Olympics, Harrie concluded he needed to have another go at picking up/dominating an Olympic game. He limited his choices down to; arrow based weaponry, badminton, kayaking, and table tennis.

Paddling was through of the window – my back truly harmed in the boat. So was badminton – my knee kept me down and out. Furthermore, arrow based weaponry never answered to my messages. In this way, at last, to wrap things up, I chose to check table tennis out.


Harrie joined his nearby table social club in September. Luckily, the standard rite of passage didn’t put him off.

I fundamentally sucked. I could raise a ruckus around town, yet entirely just on the strike. I played a person in his 40s who had been playing since he was six, a person who was around 70 and I think he fundamentally thought I was a nitwit, and a youngster who battered me. The week after comprised of playing a wide assortment kids, every one of whom were superior to me.


By October, Harrie had understood that to see a few major enhancements in his game he would have to truly up his preparation. He got himself a table tennis table for the nursery.

In my initial not many long stretches of training one thing turned out to be clear. One day seven days is not even close to enough.

To additional increment the amount and nature of his training, Harrie joined four different nearby table social clubs. Each club was unique and had something else to offer him. Some were better for getting instructing. Others gave him a lot of match practice against various styles of player.

As you most likely are aware from my past blog entries, I have been attempting to expand my play time. Subsequently, I have now gotten two additional clubs together with the fourth club beginning this Friday. This gives me something like 10 hours of unadulterated table tennis against serious resistance every week.


There wasn’t a lot of table tennis for Harrie during November because of a knee activity. From its hints, he went through the majority of the month relaxing around and playing a computer game called “The Witcher 3”?

The following couple of days were spent on the chaise relax chilling and finishing The Witcher 3 – as well as doing (a touch) of work. I anticipate getting back to table tennis this evening. I don’t have any idea the amount I will actually want to do however I will have somewhat go. Recuperation, on the off chance that I tell the truth, hasn’t been all around as fast as I would like and I’m actually feeling surprisingly sore.

As Harrie gradually got back from his knee injury, table tennis started to involve a greater amount of his everyday life. This additional an alternate aspect to his new side interest; the strain we put on ourselves to perform well.

My insight that I want to get familiar with a game I have no information on, both rapidly and precisely, has prompted tension of an alternate kind. I have tossed every one of my eggs into the crate of table tennis and it has gone from being a joke to being essential for who I’m.

By January, Harrie had returned to preparing routinely at his four neighborhood table social clubs. He even went to an instructional course and got to play seven hours of table tennis in one day.

I was set in the base gathering. As a general rule, this is where I needed and should have been as I really want the essentials educated to me. The initial four hours of play (it was a seven-hour occasion) were all forehand work. I got taken to the table and made to “stroke” forehands with topspin. Almost certainly, improved.

Sadly, table tennis isn’t the most straightforward game to learn in your 20s. Most of “good” mentors just need to zero in on showing kids and the typical period of players in nearby clubs and associations is likely around 60. Harrie, an athletic 26-year-old searching for serious instructing and preparing, was battling to track down a gathering of companions to assist him with getting to the next level.

At my age and capacity level, nothing unexpected instructing isn’t precisely approaching. Yet, training is missing overall from the majority of the clubs I join in and the training that exists is from unfit mentors. This can make numerous accounts with everyone offering different guidance, which is very confounding.






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